Jerald L. Schnoor

Jerry Schnoor has cultivated evidence-based scholarship to equip decision makers with unbiased environmental solutions.… Read More

Renita Schmidt

Renita Schmidt and her collaborators have been rethinking the definition of what it means to be a “strong girl.”… Read More

Donna Santillan

Donna Santillan and her research collaborators discovered a biomarker that serves as an early warning flag for preeclampsia.… Read More

Kelli Ryckman

Kelli Ryckman and colleagues found a reliable metabolic profile for estimating an infant’s gestational age using only a drop of blood.… Read More

Eli Perencevich

Infectious disease physician Eli Perencevich to prevent and treat hospital-acquired infections.… Read More

Edith Parker

Edith Parker’s research focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of community health promotion interventions.… Read More

Narayanan Nandakumar

Kumar Narayanan is working to map the circuitry of the brain to better understand Parkinson’s disease.… Read More

Ana Merino

Blending cultures allows Ana Merino to sing the song of her native Spain with Americana as the harmony in both poetry and in literature.… Read More