Nathan Holton

Nathan Holton studies human evolution, and in particular, changes that have occurred to the nasal region.… Read More

Michael Hill

Hill explores how black creative styles reveal the challenges of creating a multiracial democracy.… Read More

Brian Hand

Brian Hand’s research delves into the use of language as a learning tool to improve students’ understanding of science.… Read More

Colin Gordon

When racial tensions boiled over in a flurry of violence, looting, vandalism, and arrests in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014, the public sought to understand why.… Read More

Jeffrey Gillett

Jeffrey “J.C.” Gillett spends his days aboard a 38-foot RV custom-built for the University of Iowa by Winnebago Industries in Forest City, Iowa.… Read More

David Frisvold

Frisvold studies the economic effectiveness of public policy initiatives aimed at reducing obesity.… Read More

Jennifer Fiegel

Jennifer Fiegel is researching ways to develop more effective, inhalable treatments for respiratory infections.… Read More

Dan Ceynar

Dan Ceynar is working to improve the state’s ability to monitor waterways for flooding across Iowa.… Read More

Lucas Carr

Lucas Carr wants to inspire people to reimagine their office space as a place that they can improve their health.… Read More