Fatima Toor

Early cancer detection is critical for survival. With Toor’s device, a simple blood test will function as a liquid biopsy.… Read More

Jessica Welburn

Jessica Welburn’s research explores the dynamics of racial inequality and urban inequality in the post-Civil Rights Era.… Read More

Ana Merino

Blending cultures allows Ana Merino to sing the song of her native Spain with Americana as the harmony in both poetry and in literature.… Read More

Karla McGregor

McGregor researches how people with developmental language disorders learn, remember, and use words.… Read More

Alan MacVey

MacVey is a fellow in the College of Fellows of the American Theatre and Past President of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.… Read More

Don Gurnett

Don Gurnett’s unpretentious Midwestern demeanor masks his legendary contributions to space exploration.… Read More

Mike Gibisser

Mike Gibisser’s work as a filmmaker and artist draw together divergent subjects or time periods.… Read More

Ed Folsom

Co-directed by Ed Folsom, the Walt Whitman Archive was one of the first major digital humanities projects.… Read More

Claire Fox

Claire Fox and her co-editors have developed a teachable anthology that explores the Latino cultural contributions to the Midwest.… Read More