Mary Cohen

Choral singing has the power to connect body and spirit in communion in a way that both creates beauty and affirms humanity.… Read More

Russell Ciochon

The new species, discovered by Russell Ciochon, was one of the largest of its kind living in the jungles of Southeast Asia.… Read More

Elizabeth Stone

Biomass burning is usually associated with human-caused fires and the clearing of land that releases unhealthy particles and gases that spur global warming.… Read More

Michael O'Hara

One in eight new mothers may suffer from postpartum depression, which in turn can negatively affect the lives of their babies and families.… Read More

Teresa Mangum

The contribution to society and culture of humanities scholarship can be overlooked—something Teresa Mangum is committed to preventing.… Read More

Cornelia Lang

Lang uses satellites such as the Hubble Space Telescope to make multi-wavelength observations.… Read More