Amy Lee

Amy Lee studies voltage-gated calcium channels and their roles in the nervous and cardiovascular systems.… Read More

Michael Henry

Research breakthroughs discovered in Michael Henry’s lab in 2012 have the potential for new methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment.… Read More

Barry Carter

One American dies every 39 seconds from cardiovascular disease, yet these deaths are preventable.… Read More

James Ankrum

Cell-based therapies have demonstrated incredible capabilities to profoundly heal what was previously un-healable. … Read More

Jose Morcuende

Jose Morcuende, one of the founders of Clubfoot Solutions, helped develop the Iowa Ponseti Brace, an inexpensive brace to treat clubfoot.… Read More

Colleen Campbell

Colleen Campbell works to educate all Iowans on human genetics and bring precision medicine, along with more genetic tests, to Iowa.… Read More

Chris Buresh

Emergency room staff need as much information as they can get as they prepare for incoming accident victims.… Read More

Nancy Andreasen

Nancy Andreasan has spent decades studying where creative genius comes from, and why it is often accompanied by mental illness.… Read More

E. Dale Abel

E. Dale Abel is committed to help improve the health of the millions of people in the United States and the world with diabetes.… Read More