Sarah Gerard

Sarah Gerard, Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering

Images lung cancer

• What is your area of research or scholarship? My research involves developing image analysis algorithms to build structural and function models of the lung.
• In simple terms, why does this research matter? Computer-aided tools make it possible to extract knowledge from large medical image datasets leading to efficient and objective quantification of pulmonary diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema. Our computer based tools are used to develop personalized radiation therapy treatment plans for lung cancer patients which minimizes radiation exposure to high functioning lung regions.
• What is your degree program and expected graduate date? Biomedical Engineering, Summer 2018
• Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
• Faculty mentor/advisor: Joseph Reinhardt
• What are your career goals? My goal is to pursue a career in academia as academic research and teaching are both stimulating and fulfilling.

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