Yunyi Li

Yunyi Li, Undergraduate student, Business Analytics

Uses data to predict crime

• What is your area of research or scholarship? My research project is applying data mining and machine learning skills to create a crime prediction model.
• In simple terms, why does this research matter? The data-driven crime prediction model provides pre-science for the police department to the predict next crime’s location and time. In this manner, we could potentially prevent future crime events from occurring. Our prediction model can optimize the distribution of police power in certain areas.
• What is your degree program and expected graduate date? I am an undergraduate student majoring in Business Analytics, I will be graduating in May 2018.
• Hometown: Ningguo City, China
• Faculty mentor/advisor: Professor Tong Wang
• What are your career goals? I want to be a professor and do research in the data mining and machine learning areas.

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