Brandon MacDougall

Brandon MacDougall, Ph.D. student, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Promotes urban biodiversity

• What is your area of research or scholarship? My research combines field studies with geographic information science (GIS) analyses to assess biodiversity within urban environments.
• In simple terms, why does this research matter? A diverse community of plant and animal species in urban areas promotes ecological stability, ecosystem functioning, and human health. If we can understand which aspects of the urban environment are influencing the presence of these species, our efforts at conservation (and the promotion of biodiversity) can be direct, sustainable, and effective.
• What is your degree program and expected graduate date? Ph.D. Student, Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, Expected Graduation Date: May 2020
• Hometown: Boone, Iowa
• Faculty mentor/advisor: Dr. Heather Sander
• What are your career goals? Expanding our understanding of biodiversity in the least-studied urban areas of the world, so that we can encourage conservation efforts for the species that, alongside us, call these cities home.

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