Caitlin Marley

Caitlin Marley, Ph.D. student, Classics

Brings Latin into the 21st Century

• What is your area of research? I apply natural language processing/digital humanities methodology to Latin prose, more specifically building the first Latin sentiment lexicon and performing a sentiment analysis of Cicero’s speeches and personal letters.
• In simple terms, why does this research matter? I am approaching a centuries old study with 21st century techniques, giving the field a much needed upgrade. Furthermore, because I found a way to quantify ancient emotion, now we can track the ups and downs, and the sharing of ancient emotion throughout Latin Literature.
• Degree program and expected graduation date: Classics Ph.D., May 2018
• Hometown: Akron, Ohio
• Faculty mentor/adviser: Paul Dilley
• What are your career goals? I would like to refine this lexicon so that it will be comparable to English sentiment lexicons, and then I would make it available for all Latin scholars or students to use.

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