Dare to Mine Insight

Nick Street


Professor and Department Executive Officer
Henry B. Tippie Research Professor of Management Sciences

College(s): Business

Data is everywhere, and everyone wants to use it—in marketing strategies, hiring practices, health care, and basic decision-making in a wide range of industries. That’s why Nick Street says this is the best time since his career began to be in applied computing. Street is DEO of the Management Sciences Department, which has launched new programs in Business Analytics at the undergraduate, MS and MBA levels in the past three years. In total, nearly 300 students are enrolled in these programs. He’s also involved with a new  UI Informatics Initiative, or UI3, aimed at strengthening the research and training of informatics at centers across campus, including those in medicine, business, geography, and the social sciences. The initiative will support and coordinate collaboration among those disciplines by adding faculty with informatics expertise and creating a physical space for the resources. More.

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