Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Little discussion of the effects of slavery and segregation on the legal system in the United States occurred until the 1980s.… Read More

Michael O'Hara

One in eight new mothers may suffer from postpartum depression, which in turn can negatively affect the lives of their babies and families.… Read More

Jose Morcuende

Jose Morcuende, one of the founders of Clubfoot Solutions, helped develop the Iowa Ponseti Brace, an inexpensive brace to treat clubfoot.… Read More

Miesha Marzell

Well-crafted policies on substance abuse prevention can improve the health of ethnic minority youth and help at-risk communities truly thrive.… Read More

Teresa Mangum

The contribution to society and culture of humanities scholarship can be overlooked—something Teresa Mangum is committed to preventing.… Read More

Cornelia Lang

Lang uses satellites such as the Hubble Space Telescope to make multi-wavelength observations.… Read More

Rebekah Kowal

Rebekah Kowal’s research in dance studies investigates how moving bodies functioned as agents of social change in postwar America.… Read More

Nathan Holton

Nathan Holton studies human evolution, and in particular, changes that have occurred to the nasal region.… Read More