Karla McGregor

McGregor researches how people with developmental language disorders learn, remember, and use words.… Read More

Alan MacVey

MacVey is a fellow in the College of Fellows of the American Theatre and Past President of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.… Read More

Xi Ma

Building community starts with knowing your neighbor’s name.… Read More

Julie Leonard

For Julia Leonard, the book in its entirety, both content and physical form, is a subject for historical research and a form in which to make art.… Read More

Amy Lee

Amy Lee studies voltage-gated calcium channels and their roles in the nervous and cardiovascular systems.… Read More

Michael Henry

Research breakthroughs discovered in Michael Henry’s lab in 2012 have the potential for new methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment.… Read More

Brandi Janssen

As a trained anthropologist, Janssen takes a broad approach to farming safety, health and sustainability.… Read More

Don Gurnett

Don Gurnett’s unpretentious Midwestern demeanor masks his legendary contributions to space exploration.… Read More