Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert conducts research to understand and address alcohol-related disparities.… Read More

Mike Gibisser

Mike Gibisser’s work as a filmmaker and artist draw together divergent subjects or time periods.… Read More

Jon Garfinkel

We learn best when we learn by doing—Garfinkel’s classroom models the business world.… Read More

Ed Folsom

Co-directed by Ed Folsom, the Walt Whitman Archive was one of the first major digital humanities projects.… Read More

Claire Fox

Claire Fox and her co-editors have developed a teachable anthology that explores the Latino cultural contributions to the Midwest.… Read More

William Doucette

Bill Doucette uses individual social psychology, exchange, and organization models to study pharmacist and physician behavior.… Read More

Pete Damiano

Peter Damiano regularly shares research findings with policymakers to help them understand the nuances of challenging policy issues.… Read More

David Cwiertny

David Cwiertny explores the risks and impacts of unregulated pollutants in the environment.… Read More