Enes Yıldırım

Enes Yıldırım, Ph.D. student, Hydraulics and Water Resources

Aids disaster recovery

What is your degree program and expected graduation date? Ph.D. in Hydraulics and Water Resources, Summer 2021

Please describe your research: My research involves analyzing flooding impacts on communities and agriculture to create decision support systems. This work has contributed significantly to public safety during disasters, and improved access to critical information during disaster response for public and emergency responders.

In simple terms, why does this research matter? Flooding causes many deaths and financial losses and continues to threaten people across the world. Research on flood mitigation and preparedness is crucial to save people’s lives and prevent economic losses. My analysis is now used in IFIS by over 300,000 users in Iowa. I also developed a new information platform for Homeland Security that improves their daily operation significantly for property acquisition analysis and decision making.

How soon after starting at the University of Iowa were you able to participate in research? I started research within couple months after I joined University of Iowa.

How has being involved in research made you more successful at the University of Iowa? At the Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa, there are many opportunities in terms of consulting with great advisers, collaborating with scientists and government agencies in various fields, and finding helpful resources.

What are your career goals and/or plans after graduation? After graduation, I plan to work as a postdoctoral researcher in Iowa or at an institution in the US for one year, and then continue my work as an assistant professor in Turkey.

Faculty mentor/advisor: İbrahim Demir

Hometown: Çaykara/Trabzon/Turkey

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