Dare to Predict Floods

Gabriele Villarini


Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Research Engineer, IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering
Faculty Member, University of Iowa Informatics Initiative

College(s): Engineering

Extreme hydrometeorological events—from hurricanes to heavy rains and flooding—frequently affect the continental United States and can have extensive, negative social and economic impact. Gabriele Villarini studies the physical processes responsible for these events, including precipitation patterns, high and low temperature extremes, and tropical and extratropical storms. With a prestigious NSF CAREER award, Villarini hopes to uncover whether these extreme events occur in clusters, with periods of enhanced activity alternating to quieter periods, and if they do cluster, what physical processes are responsible for their behavior. By better understanding past events, it’s possible to be better prepared to predict future ones. Related video.

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