Keela Herr

Keela Herr has been conducting research to improve the way pain in elderly patients is assessed and treated.… Read More

Joyce Berg

The Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) has a history of accurately forecasting election results.… Read More

Russell Ciochon

The new species, discovered by Russell Ciochon, was one of the largest of its kind living in the jungles of Southeast Asia.… Read More

Yatin Vyas

Radiation and chemotherapy can damage any patient’s body, but those of young children are especially vulnerable.… Read More

Sherry Watt

Sherry Watt’s research on privileged identity exploration has expanded understanding of the ways people react to difficult dialogue related to social issues.… Read More

Gabriele Villarini

Extreme hydrometeorological events frequently affect the continental United States and can have extensive, negative social and economic impact.… Read More

photo of Nick Street

Data is everywhere, and everyone wants to use it—in marketing strategies, hiring practices, health care, and basic decision-making in a wide range of industries.… Read More

Elizabeth Stone

Biomass burning is usually associated with human-caused fires and the clearing of land that releases unhealthy particles and gases that spur global warming.… Read More