Dare to Improve Vehicle Safety

Daniel McGehee


Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Associate Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Director, National Advanced Driving Simulator
Director, Human Factors and Vehicle Safety Research Program, Public Policy Center

College(s): Engineering

Daniel McGehee has been obsessed with car crashes for over 20 years. He is interested in every aspect of them – from how, when and why they occur, to technologies for avoiding them altogether. His driver performance, distraction, and technology development research has led to innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations involving engineering, medicine, and public health. Results from his research have helped policy makers to improve government safety standards, as well as state and federal laws. While the first generation of safety systems were designed to help protect occupants in cars, his research deals with preventing or reducing the severity of crashes. Such technologies will ultimately lead to greater safety and higher levels of automation on our roads.

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