Kang Zhao

Diving deeply into data, Zhao has unlocked new insights that can help Hollywood investors predict the profitability of movies.… Read More

Joe Yockey

Joseph Yockey explores unique ways in which laws can encourage social enterprises to develop and flourish.… Read More

Adrien Wing

Wing invests her great experiential and academic knowledge in the next generation of justice advocates.… Read More

Catherine Welch

Cathy Welch developed the next generation of Iowa Assessments to replace the classic K-12 test.… Read More

Fatima Toor

Early cancer detection is critical for survival. With Toor’s device, a simple blood test will function as a liquid biopsy.… Read More

Jessica Welburn

Jessica Welburn’s research explores the dynamics of racial inequality and urban inequality in the post-Civil Rights Era.… Read More

Marcia Ward

Marcia Ward has devoted her career to health services research, especially rural healthcare delivery and health outcomes.… Read More

Sarah Vigmostad

Using advanced computational tools Vigmostad equips patients and providers to make better decisions.… Read More

Charles Stanler

Charles Stanier is leading a grassroots effort to improve community health and attract increased economic development.… Read More

Sarah Seo

Sarah Seo examines the history of the automobile to explain the evolution of jurisprudence and the meaning of freedom.… Read More