Dare to Promote Nutrition

Natoshia  M. Askelson

Natoshia M. Askelson, M.P.H., Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Community and Behavioral Health
Adjunct, Public Policy Center, Health Policy Research Program

College(s): Public Health and Public Policy

If you can persuade a child to eat broccoli in elementary school, says Natoshia Askelson, you have a broccoli eater for life. Learning to make healthy choices as a child carries over into adulthood, improving quality of life and decreasing the risk of chronic health issues. In partnership with the University of Iowa Public Policy Center, the College of Public Health, and the Iowa Department of Education, Askelson is working with students and food service staff in schools across Iowa to use principles of behavioral economics to change lunchrooms so that the healthy choice is the easy and fun choice for students.

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