Dare to Shape Law

Jason Rantanen

Jason Rantanen, M.A., J.D.


Professor and Ferguson-Carlson Fellow in Law

College(s): Law

Jason Rantanen’s scholarship has moved patent law forward in innovative ways. From developing a theory of the malleability of patent rights and the peripheral benefits that patents provide to formulating a fresh approach to understanding judicial opinions at the macro level, Rantanen’s multifaceted forest and tree approach has profound implications on legal jurisprudence as well as future inventions. Rantanen is also the co-author of  Patently-O, one of the most widely read legal blogs.  He is the faculty advisor for the Iowa Intellectual Property Law Society student group and the Director of the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Program. He also represents the UI College of Law as a co-teacher of the year-long interdisciplinary Iowa Medical Innovation Group course.

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